photograph restoration

Digital photography has made "fake photos" and "Photoshopped" images commonplace, but it takes a trained digital artist to actually "repair" an image, so that it will be preserved for future generations. Photo scanning, resolution, and color correction all need to be taken into consideration when repairing a photograph -- whether you want to display it online or get a hard copy created, suitable for framing.

Another novel use for photo retouching is the elimination (or addition) of people from / to images. Ex-spouces are quickly removed from "staged" professional photographs, or perhaps you just want your children or pets in their own image -- almost anything is possible with the current photo software and a pair of skilled hands.

Because each photo project is different, we need to see the physical state of the photo before we can give you an estimate on the time/cost of a photo project. Drop us a line from the "Contact Us" page, and let's discuss your specific project and we can provide you with a quote. Thanks.


The following image was taken at a wedding. The moement was perfect, the angle was not. We were able to correct that for the bride and groom. Here is the original image:

photo retouching

Notice all of the areas that detract from the couple. We've circled them in red:

But with a little skillful photo retouching, the image becomes much more focused on the couple:

But even after all that, the real focus is still a bit distracted by the surroundings, so we gave them another option. This one is really suitable for framing!

Now, there are times when dramatic photo-retouching isn't needed. But simple color calibration and modifying the clarity of an image makes all the difference.

Take a look at these before and after pictures of the happy couple, and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Before (a bit dark, not too clear):

After (much brighter, colors are ballanced -- and yes, we fixed his rose!):



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